how to make portugese chicken spices

This is all about the seasoning, and the crispness and colour of the chicken skin, so make sure your griddle is good and hot. 6 chicken legs with thigh attached, skin on 1 tablespoon Herbie's Spices Portuguese Seasoning 2 cups cold cooked white rice 1 red capsicum, chopped very small 1 tablespoon ... More

how to say thing to people without offending

How can I suggest a list of improvements to my leaders/team without offending them? Ask Question 19. 3. I have noted down a list of ways I think we can drastically improve our efficency. Mainly relating to an inefficient attempts at using an Agile methodology. I have some big improvements to suggest in the way we approach a project and managing the backlog/sprint planning. How can I raise ... More

how to make a paper kunai knife throwable without tape

The Kunai Knife (Poisons enemies and has 50% chance to interrupt them) AND The Katana (High damage,long range and fast attack) As you may see, two of them causes a debuff to the enemy and one is just the best to slash around with if you have your melee skills set. ... More

how to play here comes the sun mahalo

Free How To Play Here Comes The Sun By The Beatles George Harrison Acoustic Guitar Lesson mp3 192 Kbps 28.43 MB 00:21:36 11K . Play . Download . Free The Beatles Here Comes The Sun Guitar Lesson Pt 1 Verse Chorus Turnaround mp3 192 Kbps ... More

how to make potato and leek soup simple

This quick and easy soup recipes uses 3 cups of mashed potatoes as its base. Try more Thanksgiving leftover recipes: Try more Thanksgiving leftover recipes: Get the recipe for Creamy Mashed Potato and Leek Soup. ... More

how to make a word document into a bound book

As you come near the bottom of a page, Word automatically inserts a new one into the book. To force additional page breaks, such as to break the book up into chapters, continue the “Ctrl” and ... More

how to put buttom side by side

Hey Warriors, I've been trying to find a solution for this for days. I created two (2) PayPal custom buttons for my sales page. I needed the buttons to be side by side and found a code that did that, but now, I can't figure out how to center them on the page as well. ... More

how to make frozen vegetables crispy

I had Drew spread the vegetables out and then roll them in the olive oil after he drizzled it on to make sure that it was evenly coated. With regular roasted vegetables I normally flip them about halfway through but with frozen I just let it roast. They came out perfect. A little crispy, sort of carmelized-ish. Yes I made that word up. ... More

how to run speaker cable along toyota corolla sport htach

The Toyota Corolla has just ticked over into its 12th generation. It has sold millions and millions all over the world and is an absolute testament to Toyota's unique blend of marketing, solidity, quality and crushing dullness. ... More

how to prepare gobi manchurian at home video

Gobi Manchurian, or Cauliflower Manchurian as some people call it, is a very famous starter recipe. It’s an Indo-Chinese stir-fry recipe that features a delectable blend of so many kinds of tastes. ... More

how to make a sitemap wordpress

Google XML sitemaps is one of the plugin to create XML sitemap for your site. In order for it to be installed within your site, you can do so via Plugins section within your WordPress dashboard. In order for it to be installed within your site, you can do so via Plugins section within your WordPress dashboard. ... More

how to make the bristles of scrubbing brushes white again

The bristles in the Scrub Brush for Sleep are made from domestically grown Trachycarpus palm trees chosen to be gentle yet also providing the scalp with a pleasantly moderate amount of stimulation to promote deeper slumber. ... More

how to make spinach for baby food

Put the spinach, chick peas and garlic in the steamer basket. Pour water into the tank (level 2). Start the cooking process. When the spinach, chick peas and garlic are cooked, put them in the blending bowl, reserving the cooking liquid. ... More

how to read piano sheet music

At first, reading piano sheet music can be confusing and may even leave your mind blank, but as time goes by you will surely have fun in it. Remember that learning to read piano sheet music is a plus because you will not only excel in music. Your discipline and perseverance will also be developed. ... More

how to say also in japnese

22 comments. ?????????????????? Is it possible to just say ????? and leave out the ?? ? Also, would just saying ??? work too, since in the first sentence you already established that you were talking about things you liked? ... More

how to make a pirate in sims medieval

Dread Pirate is a trait in The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles. "Earn this legendary trait when you complete certain quests, like Fishermans Challenge and Fountain of Legend. ... More

how to play bumble boogie on piano

A boogie woogie piano player's most prized possession is his left hand. With a strong left hand capable of speed, power and dynamic subtleties, you will be unstoppable. With a strong left hand capable of speed, power and dynamic subtleties, you will be unstoppable. ... More

how to make bircher muesli with yogurt

Bircher muesli is not oatmeal, and it’s not Mueslix — that breakfast cereal from the 80’s which was not that dissimilar from eating sawdust. I’d describe it more as a cold oatmeal. Only more delicious and easier to make. Oats are soaked overnight in liquid until they become soft and chewable. There’s dried fruit involved, and usually yogurt… ... More

how to make homemade manicotti shells

11/03/2011 · This is ony for about 4 manicotti. If anyone wants to make more let me know and I'll send you the recipe. If anyone wants to make more let me know and I'll send you the recipe. Filling: Mix everything together and put in the middle of the manicotti shell … ... More

how to play with linux kernel

The Kernel patching instructions are: Download the kernel source from Kernel.org. "Stable" is probably the best choice. Extract to a convenient place (I use ~/src/linux). ... More

how to make basil pesto nz

Basil is very versatile, great for general health and making your own pesto will leave you with a superb sense of pride! To make Homemade Basil Pesto, you will need: 4-6 cloves garlic (depending on your pesto pungency pleasure) ... More

how to make an album on facebook iphone

Step 3. Create new albums per your need > After that, you can save your downloaded photos to a separate Album. The Bottom Line. With the help of AnyTrans, it is very easy and convenient for managing photos and albums on your iPhone. ... More

how to pass driving test after multiple failed

But after that the pass rate starts to fall. It's 46% for the fourth attempt, 44% for the fifth and 38% for the sixth. There's even the theory that driving test pass rates are It's 46% for the fourth attempt, 44% for the fifth and 38% for the sixth. ... More

how to make mix fruit lassi

In a blender put yogurt, mango, ice, cardamom powder and sugar or honey and blend till smooth. Pour out into glasses, top with a mint leave each and serve. Anamika Sharma is a passionate foodie, a food blogger with a background in aviation and telecom industry for good 15 years. Her mission is to ... More

how to make pease pudding jamie oliver

The Best Lemon Banana Pudding Recipes on Yummly Banana Pudding, Banana Pudding, Black Rice Pudding ... More

how to play evony the kings return

23/12/2018 If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. ... More

how to make lock picking tools with household items

Professional-grade picks and tension wrenches can be purchased in sets (see picture), but many lock picking hobbyists make good quality sets of their own. See the Things You'll Need section below for information on how to make your own picks and tension wrenches. ... More

how to make 300 quick

(Best Part: For an extremely limited time, I'm giving away the ENTIRE System absolutely FREEAll you have to do is tell me where to send it!) ... More

how to say suck my dick in spanish

The literal translation of "suck my d*ck please" in Italian is "succhiare il cazzo". Tags: dick , italian , literal translation Sunday, February 05 2012 ... More

how to make a bluebay shepard

BLUE BAY SHEPHERD: A Stunning New Breed with the Intelligence of a German Shepherd, the Sweetness of a Collie and the Look of a Wolf Among the worldwide community of pet enthusiasts, there are probably many who contend that any breeding efforts are questionable in this day and age of countless rescue animals in need of good homes. ... More

how to make a paper knife

How to Make a Sheath for a Knife (Or Anything Else) Push the paper against the blade to see where it lies within the pattern. You can see in the photo a slight crease in the cardboard, which shows plenty of clearance between the edge of the cardboard and the blade. Next, use a little bit of adhesive tape to actually make the pattern the same three-dimensional shape as your leather will be ... More

how to make japanese udon

7/02/2015 · One of the easiest Japanese noodles that you can make at home is Udon Noodles (うどん). Today I’ll share with you how to make this popular Japanese noodles from scratch. Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, we’ll make … ... More

how to make homemade roast potatoes in the oven

And in case you’re wondering, you CAN make roasted potatoes while something else is in the oven. You might have to add a few minutes of cooking time, but it’s not a deal breaker. You might have to add a few minutes of cooking time, but it’s not a deal breaker. ... More

how to make car park mat

If you don’t have floor mats, you can measure your car’s floors from door to door, allowing a little extra if your mat has to go over a center hump. Then cut patterns out of heavy paper. Check the fit and make adjustments where necessary. Continue to fine-tune the patterns until everything fits just right. ... More

how to make a newborn fart

8/05/2018 Make sure your babys lip are on the wide base of the nipple and not just the tip. Try a different type of formula after consulting with your doctor. Allow the formula to settle after shaking or mixing it, or use a ready-to-feed formula. ... More

how to make your lips thinner

If you want to make your face look thinner, you should avoid curly or wavy hairstyles. When this type of hair falls upon your face, it makes your features look bigger. So, you should always use a straight or layered hairstyle. Straight hair makes your cheeks look a bit smaller. If you have naturally curly hair, try to bring it down to a gentle wave instead of full-on curls. You should also ... More

how to make a fake news report video

Users will now be able to report posts they suspect of being false, and fact-checking charity Full Fact will review stories, images and videos to decide whether they are false. ... More

how to make a item frame in minecraft pocket edition

The Towers is a multiplayer minigame with two different teams. The team bases are separated by some air and a few towers. The main objective for each team is to invade the other teams base and destroy some glass blocks. ... More

how to make a stiky footer in html

Chrome, IE8+, FireFox, Opera, Safari #sticky footer Sticky Footer is a super simple jQuery plugin that makes your footer element always stay at the bottom of the web page without the need to ... More

how to pass out parameter in c

How to pass an array to a stored procedure; Breadcrumb. Announcement. The AskTOM team is taking a break over the holiday season. Thanks for being a member of the AskTOM community. Have a safe and happy time during this period, and we'll see you all in 2019! ... More

how to make twitch donate 2016

After completing with all this, Now its the turn to make the payment, just click on that Donate button which you will find at the bottom of the page. You can pay using PayPal, Bitcoin, credit card or through a variety of other methods. Its quite simple. ... More

how to make a tree out of newspaper

Before you toss the newspapers into the recycling bin, make a little news of your own when you make this truly newsworthy eucalyptus paper tree. Step 1: Lay two double-page newspaper sheets together, end to end and overlapping about five inches. Starting at the short end, roll the newspapers into a ... More

how to change the page that first open in chrome

Hi griff, I assume you are using an Android smart phone, if so pretty straight forward. First open the google chrome browser .. then open your bbookmarks, then long hold the listing m.bigpond.com, this will open up a small windows with options including "Delete this entry". ... More

how to make black liquorice

6/11/2017 · FDA experts say black licorice contains the compound glycyrrhizin, which is the sweetening compound derived from licorice root. Glycyrrhizin can cause potassium levels in the body to fall. When ... More

how to meet theraputic volume

Patients who receive (new) renal replacement therapy through day 28 will meet this endpoint. Patients with chronic renal replacement therapy initiated prior to the current sepsis illness will not be eligible to meet this endpoint. ... More

how to make a paper flick football

paper football flick games (98) We have a collection of 98 paper football flick games for you to play for free. We also offer other cool online games, strategy games, racing games, adventure games, simulation games, flash games and more. ... More

how to make a game in construct 2

Alternatively, we have Windows laptops with Construct 2 installed that you can borrow for the duration of the workshop. Perfect for beginners, and especially ideal for artists! No knowledge of coding needed, but you will acquire some general programming logic, should you want to learn more later. ... More

how to make creamy chicken and bacon carbonara

Creamy Bacon Carbonara Ingredients 1/2 lb. Pasta 2 tbsp chives finely chopped 1/2 cup Cream or Heavy Cream 1/2 cup of freshly grated Parmesan cheese 2 tsp. olive oil 2 Large eggs 1/2 lb. bacon fried crisp then crumbled salt/pepper to taste Instructions In a large bowl, mix the eggs, cream ... More

how to make goose gravy

For the goose and gravy Place the water, star anise, cinnamon, ginger, spring onions, maltose, soy and salt in a pan and bring to the boil. Turn off the heat and leave to infuse for 10 minutes. ... More

how to make a fancy business card on publisher 2010

8/12/2009 Once you create business cards with Publisher 2010, you can directly print them. There are variety of templates to chose from, for making your business cards. To create a new card, Open Publisher 2010 and click file tab. Click new and select business cards. ... More

how to open hyperterminal in windows 7 professional

Hyper Terminal v. 6.1 (Build 7600) running on Windows 7 Professional most often closes after clicking on File and then Open-How can I fix this? ... More

how to make loud firecrackers


how to make a cobbler apron

Protecting your clothing while cooking, baking or housecleaning, this pretty cobbler apron with pockets is a comfy, durable classic. Available in two floral prints, our onepiece cobbler apron has a sn... ... More

how to make bracelets youtube

7/01/2019 · I show how to make bracelets!! If you have questions ask below!! ... More

how to make soft puri

Similar recipes. Also see other recipes similar to the recipe for how to make soft puri for bhaji puri. ... More

how to read 2016 smart meter

The Dario All-In-One Smart Glucose Meter contains a lancing device for convenient blood glucose testing. Simply place your finger on the lancet end of the Dario, pull down on the lancet slider, and push the release button to use. ... More

how to open vz commodore with flat battery

Battery for sale suit V6 VE Commodore. Purchased new from Repco however never fitted it to my vehicle as it turned out my alternator was the cause of my battery going flat. ... More

how to make a doll restaurant

25/11/2012 · And coasters for tabletops, see I'm not just about cardboard and paper mache. ... More

how to make a doll cake with icing

To decorate my Elsa Cake I started with using an Elsa Doll as a cake topper. I then made buttercream icing and coloured it so that I had one-third cream, one-third light turquoise, and one-third a dark turquoise. I filled three piping bags and used an 8-point … ... More

how to say ciao bella mi amore

Please say hello to Nonna Pscollina... My familly send you one big kiss. hope you will come to Poland, here in Warsaw! Love, your Cath! My familly send you one big ... More

how to make titan armor destiny

13/04/2016 · This is a tough topic to tackle because obviously all games want to make money, and many Destiny fans want Bungie to make money in particular, … ... More

how to make a bet online melbourne cup

Online Bookmakers love the racing season and will offer plenty of specials to entice you to bet with them. This Melbourne Cup regardless if you are at home or at the race, you’ll automatically give yourself a better chance of winning if you utilize various bookmaker promotions instead of simply heading to the local TAB or the betting ring if ... More

how to play guitar online

Learning to play the guitar isnt easy and the idea of trawling the internet to find a reputable - and inexpensive - tutor can also be intimidating for some. Much like the world of watches and ... More

how to make 3d jelly cake

13/04/2017 · Awesome 3D Jelly Cake For More Videos & Posts Like our Page http://facebook.com/dailymotionpak For More Videos Follow our Channel http://www.dailymotion.com ... More

how to make an emote in swotr

6/03/2014 · How do you use emotes quickly and easily in game? I have a few emote macros keybound (e.g. /congratulations, /charge) so I can hit them in combat to add some RP to the game. ... More

how to make gel nail polish thinner

Professional Nail Thinner for diluting Nail Polish Varnish Lacquer. 1 Bottle Nail Polish Thinner. Do not add too much thinner into the polish. Warm the bottle and rub the bottle back & forth with your... ... More

how to play hall crystal flute

Please note: The Hall crystal flute is a folk instrument and plays differently than a modern concert flute. The mouth hole has a raised edge and no lip plate. If you play the silver flute, this will take some time to get used to. The biggest difference is that yo ... More

how to make an ecomap on microsoft word

10/06/2007 Home Newsgroups > Microsoft Word > Microsoft Powerpoint > using power point to make a ecomap/genogram Discussion in 'Microsoft Powerpoint' started by Guest, Jun 10, 2007 . ... More

how to say thank you in italian audio

This list of Italian survival phrases will help you to survive speaking Italian with important phrases like thank you in Italian. Learn them with free audio flash cards and the Lingo Dingo review game! ... More

how to make a youtube name without spaces 2017

The choice of the name www.youtube.com led to problems for a similarly named website, www.utube.com. On February 28, 2017, in a press announcement held at YouTube Space Los Angeles, YouTube announced the launch of YouTube TV, an over-the-top MVPD-style subscription service that would be available for United States customers at a price of US$35 per month. Initially ... More

how to make macadamia cookies from scratch

We love these thick, satisfying cookies as humble as peanut butter cookies but not as crumbly. Dried cranberries provide a slightly tart counterpoint to the macadamia nuts' richness. ... More

how to make an equilateral paper

Note that often in origami the goal is not only to create a shape, like an equilateral triangle, but also to fold the paper up completely into the desired shape. Jessica has not achieved this additional goal but a slight adaptation of her construction does. Below is a picture of steps to fold the paper square into an equilateral triangle shape: Picture (a) shows folding the square in half in ... More

how to make buffalo sauce with frank& 39

10/05/2013 · Recipe: Classic Buffalo Wings Food Artist Chaun J Check out Miss Independent Woman Documentary Out Now on Amazon Prime & Video on Demand Link http://amzn.to/2xwKLHs ... More

how to make a dragon model out of egg boxes

Chicken Boxes Chicken Nesting Boxes Chicken Laying Boxes Laying Boxes For Chickens Nesting Boxes For Chickens Laying Hens Chicken Ideas Chicken Coop Designs Backyard Chicken Coops Forward Make mine an omelet. ... More

how to pass a color vision test

The Ishihara color plate is by far the most well known test to gauge color blindness. Take this quiz and see if you are color deficient or not! Let's Play! -----Share the quiz to show your results! ... More

how to make a floor plate on grasshopper

13/11/2009 Slip-plate is a lot like a teflon coating. You apply it and it's a little sticky at first, but with some use, it gets much more "slippery" overall. You apply it and it's a little sticky at first, but with some use, it gets much more "slippery" overall. ... More

how to say pleased to meet you in german

If you want to know how to say Pleased to meet you in German, you will find the translation here. We hope this will help you to understand German better. ... More

how to make gloves work with touch screen

* Gloves * Conductive thread # Loop the thread a few times through the bottom layer of the glove's thumb to make a little bubble of thread. # Knot to secure the stitch and trim any excess ... More

how to make icing without sugar

I make glaze by combining equal sugar to water, add a splash ovlf vanilla. boil until all sugar is dissolved and reduce by 1/2 half if you want thicker. ... More

how to write my business plan

If you are just starting a business, having a well-written business plan shows that you have really done your homework. And if you are planning to expand an already established business, it demonstrates that you have carefully considered the pros, cons and odds; and focused on the development of the business. ... More

how to make a forum website wordpress

6/11/2017 · The main problem with most WordPress forum plugins and software is that they are often slow and clunky, making it difficult for people to handle sitting on your site. This plugin is a lightweight version, with simple designs and a friendly user interface. ... More

how to make your calves longer

The calves are the fleshy areas in the back of the lower legs below the knees. The upper part of this muscle group is known as the gastrocnemius and the lower part is the soleus. Both sections are responsible for plantar flexion, which causes your toes to point downward. The gastroc is also involved ... More

how to open an acer switch

The Acer Switch Alpha 12 is a 2-in-1 with liquid cooling, strong performance and a bright display, but its battery life is too short. ... More

how to pay credit card bill citibank singapore

Online banking services citibank singapore bank credit card limit statement the new online banking services citibank singapore citibank credit card payment cheque payable hsin Whats people lookup in ... More

how to make beef siomai

15/02/2012 · Preparing siomai is not not difficult since you would only need to mix all the ingredients and wrap in the dimsum wrap. You can even get adventurous with what you add to the main ingredients and the kind of dip that you want to use with siomai. ... More

how to make a leather browband

Catch all eyes in the dressage arena with the Fantasia Double Bridle… This double bridle, crafted from the finest Italian leather, is ideal for those wanting to make a startling impression in the dressage arena. ... More

how to make a simple pigeon loft

An inlet is what will allow fresh air to enter a loft, while an outlet will make it possible for hot air to flow out of the loft. By creating inlets that are approximately 1.5 inches in size and an outlet of comparable size, you will be able to create a consistent flow of air within your loft. ... More

how to make garlic olive oil dipping sauce

About Arabic Garlic Dipping Sauce.. Recipe. Vegan,garlicky,creamy and flavourful.This is the perfect introduction to this Lebanese dipping sauce that is so popular worldwide. ... More

how to make ice candy milo flavor

More than a drink, Milo is now being used as flavoring in different sweets or desserts, such as in gelatin and ice candy. It appeals to many, specially children and kids at heart. Every Pinoy kid may have a story of how he or she used this drink as ulam for breakfast during elementary days. Or how they will just eat it as is, without water or anything-pure powder. Or how they will put ice into ... More

how to make vocals only in audacity

Alternatively, if your vocals are center-panned, this plug-in can often make a good job of isolating them from everything else. Voicetrap is a commercial plug-in featuring center channel removal by frequency-based and cepstral methods (that is, not a simple subtraction of one channel from the other). ... More

how to make self raising flour at home in hindi

Roller mills soon replaced stone grist mills as the production of flour has historically driven technological development, as attempts to make gristmills more productive and less labor-intensive led to the watermill [7] and windmill. These terms are now applied more broadly to uses of water and wind ... More

how to put files on modem to watch on iphone

Transfer Contacts from Huawei to iPhone There is no need to worry; dr.fone - Switch can transfer all the data to new iPhone from your Huawei device without hassle. The system enables you to transfer images, videos, music files, calendars, contacts, call logs, ... More

how to make a foxy costume five nights at freddys

... More

how to make magic square using coordinates and general equation

A general equation for constructing basic magic squares is: X = 1\2n(n 2 +1) where X equals the sum of integers in any row, column, or diagonal, and n equals the number of rows. A close relative of the magic square is the sudoku puzzle, invented by American Howard Garns in 1979 but re-imported to the U.S. years later, achieving fad status in 2005. In a sudoku puzzle, all the numerals from 1 to ... More

how to play sail on piano

Styx Come Sail Away chords, midi, notes, tab, tablature and sheet music for piano, keyboard, organ, synth, flute by Olesak ... More

how to make a hard cast

If you need to make a large quantity of eggs, baking them in the oven is quick and easy. Step 1 Bake Place the eggs directly on an oven rack. Bake the eggs for a half hour in an oven set to 325 degrees, not preheated. Place a baking sheet on the bottom rack to prevent a messy cleanup in case any ... More

mine carft how to make toilet

19/04/2017 Not a bad toilet, but I have to agree with everyone else. If you want to please yourself, then you have. If you want to please the people of Hive (the people watching) you have to take this constructive criticism into account. ... More

how to make a trinagle in blender

The triangle density is constant across the mesh; theres no way currently to make the tool give more triangles in a particular area. The paper uses three basic operations to update the mesh: collapsing long edges, subdividing short edges, and merging close vertices. ... More

how to play overwatch theme guitar

Listen or download How To Play The Serial Theme On Guitar music song for free. Please buy How To Play The Serial Theme On Guitar album music original if you like the song you choose from the list. If one of the songs on the list are the copyright belongs to you, please Contact Us to send DMCA removal request, we will process at least 72 hours after we received your request. ... More

how to make ube jam with coconut milk

Ube Kalamay loaded with ube and coconut flavor for the perfect dessert or snack! Deliciously sweet and sticky, this rice cake is gluten-free, too! Deliciously … ... More

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how to make simulators on roblox

Recent posts. โปร Roblox Hack/Exploit – มองทะลุ! [ESP] Phantom forces, CBR & More 2018 [Working] ROBLOX ( September 4th) Live Stream HD jailbreak 2nd part

how to make a jpeg smaller kb

28/11/2008 · Note that a higher compression in JPEG reduces the quality of the image. However, a reduction in picture size has a similar effect, dependent on the resizing filter. However, a reduction in picture size has a similar effect, dependent on the resizing filter.

how to open up the pores

Typically, when we think of plugs in the skin, the first thing that comes to mind is clogged pores. Most of us know that clogged up pores can lead to pimples and acne.

how to make jellies jams and preserves at home

Freezer Strawberry Jam When it comes to jams and jellies, nothing beats the fresh taste of freezer jams. Even better -- these jams are easy to make. They are a good choice if you have the freezer space. This fresh strawberry jam makes four half-pints, enough to enjoy now and some to freeze for later.

how to make bulalo soup

Bulalo Beef Stew Recipe On a cold and dreary day, the best way to lift your spirits and brighten your mood is to have a hearty bowl of soup. And if you love beef soups, then you better try the Philippines very famous Bulalo.

how to make a list of books to read

Lists about: What To Read Next, Series Reading List, Books I Have Every Intention Of Reading This Year, DYING TO READ, To Read, Series I Want to Read , Y...

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Northern Ireland: Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Belfast NIR, Bangor NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, Bangor NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 7H5

Scotland: Glasgow SCO, Livingston SCO, Cumbernauld SCO, Dunfermline SCO, Dunfermline SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 7B1

Wales: Wrexham WAL, Wrexham WAL, Newport WAL, Barry WAL, Newport WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 6D7